This site is dedicated to the late Mary Louise Thomas, member of the KHS Class of 1958 and the beloved wife of the webmaster.

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The Fifty Year Reunion of the Kingston High School Class of 1958 Planning is underway.

August 31, 2007

Karl Rittinger contributed this photo of committee members taken May 21, 2008 at a Pizza restaurant in Mountaintop.
Kingston High School Class of 1958 - August Gathering

September 23, 2007

It's been nearly two years since the loss of my dear lady and your classmate Mary Louise. I promised her that I'd put up a web site for your class and scan in your yearbook. I've now completed that promise and you can find that effort under the Kingstonian-58 heading in the index area. The initial pictures are fairly low quality and the Undergraduate homeroom pictures have not been included. Click on the thumbnail pictures and the full page will be downloaded (be prepared that some of them are large and will take a little time). The cursor on the new page will be a magnifying glass and clicking it will allow you to read the captions and other text.

Please remember Mary Louise as you view the pictures. Good luck in preparing for your reunion.

August 31, 2007

Here is the picture from class get together at Jerry Kovaleski's Thanks to Carl Rittinger.

Don't forget the next get together will be at the Dancheck house on Sept. 23 2007. If you have not called me to let me know you are coming Please call me at 288-2649 to let me know you are coming. It is at 4:00 pm till ?????.
Charlie Dancheck
71 Cook Street
Edwardsville, Pa.
Kingston High School Class of 1958 - August Gathering

July 29, 2007

Meeting at Shanix

Carol Urban went over the 2007 information for the Kingston Sesquicentennial. Do we as a class, want to participate in Kingston’s 150th Anniversary by purchasing a 8x8 brick at a cost of $75.00 The brick would be engraved with Kingston High School Class of 1958. The members of the class who were there agreed. The motion was made by Charlie Dancheck and the second was by Marty Jacobs. Carol also mentioned that there will be a concert by the Kingston Trio on September 8 at the Kirby and on September 9, 2007 and there will be a parade. Tickets are still available for the Kingston Trio. They are looking for people to participate in the parade, especially those who have antique cars or classic cars. Charlie Dancheck said he may enter his car. A sign has to be made with “The Class of KHS 1958”. We will be working on that. There are Tee Shirts, Hoodies, hats, and flags available to be purchased at the Municipal Building. They are also soliciting ads from businesses. Anyone who has any history of Kingston is requested to forward the information to Carol Urban. On November 24 there will be a grand celebration at the Woodlands. Cost is $50.00 per person.

Ticket returns for the Class 50/50 tickets are coming in and the total has been great. There was $25.00 left from the last reunion. There was much discussion on the people who cannot be located. It was agreed that we should use the Web search engine called Zabba to help locate these people. There are 15 missing and 31 deceased.

Karl Rittinger will take the class picture and will be available for a price to be announced later. Music will be furnished by a Jukebox which will play the songs of the 50/60 era. Bob Johnson is working on a unique favor for the class members who attend.

We are working on getting a hotel or hospitality room for a Friday night get-together. It was also suggested that we go to Victory Pig for a light supper on Friday night. On Saturday morning, Charlie is trying to have the Former Kingston High School opened for a tour for anyone who would want to take a tour. Again the committee thought a light lunch after the tour could be arranged. We also thought that we would to have a Sunday Brunch to say so long to the friends who traveled so far to enjoy the wonderful reunion.

Friday night light dinner, and get together, the Saturday Lunch and the Sunday Brunch would be Dutch Treat.

Gerry Kovaleski has offered his place for a get-together in August or Early Sept. Gerry will advise us of the date.

July 28, 2007.

There's a new link to a shared page with a link to the Kingston 150th Anniversary site and a copy of the 1957 Official Souvenir Program for the Kingston Borough Centennial. Happy browsing and good memories. Take a look at the "old folks" in string ties on page 29.

May 27, 2007

My thanks to Floyd MacIntyre for proof-reading the site and sending me corrections. Three of the names were spelled incorrectly. One of them was a problem with the OCR program I used and two were spelled wrongly in the Senior Directory. I'm amazed how well that program did.

Karl Rittinger sent me another picture of the old KHS building from another perspective. The picture in the "Kingston Today" folder is a small piece of the real picture. Click on the small one to see all the way to the Hoyt Library (before it lost it's roof) and the Maple Street School.

May 17, 2007.

I've added a couple things to the site. Photos of the deceased class members are now marked with a black border and the date of death. Please let me know of any others who may no longer be with us or corrections to the data we have. The link to current Kingston and area photos has been expanded with more pictures and some captions.

KHS-58 held a planning session at the Grotto on May 6. I visited briefly and was later told it was a wonderful get together, about thirty present, but little planning actually happened.

My plans on where to go from here with the web site are fluid; suggestions are welcome. One thing will be to scan the rest of the yearbook and put that out on the site. Another will be to collect recent photos of class members and add them. The links are there but few photos. Please send them to the e-mail address below or to KHS-58 c/o Bill Evans; PO Box 285, Shawanese, PA 18654. That's the little post office across the bridge from the Harvey's Lake Grotto Pizza. I live a half mile up Old Lake Road and you can drop them by the house on weekends if you prefer; drop me a note for directions.

Have a pleasant spring, be well and do good things.

Please forward any pictures, writeups, current addresses, phone numbers or anything else which may be of interest for this web site to Bill Evans at and include "KHS-58" in the subject line.

Other items of interest and business involved with the reunion should be addressed to Charlie Dancheck at

On the index tab (to the right) are the current topics; more will be added. The Kingston Today topic is a link to the Class of 1956 web site for some content.

This site is dedicated to the late Mary Louise Thomas, member of the KHS Class of 1958 and the beloved wife of the webmaster.