Welcome to "THE" Scrapbook

Our class owes a million thanks to Margie Sanders for her efforts to create a scrapbook back during our youth. There are a vast number of clippings and photos and a few personal things in the book which she has shared with us over these many decades. The album has become a tradition at our class reunions and Margie has agreed to share it with us all on the web site.

The book was getting into pretty ragged shape as we approached a half century. Ouch! It has been that long since we parted that beautiful June day.

Pinhead encased all the pages in the plastic envelopes of a new modern album and I've photographed each of the pages at a pretty high resolution.

("Pinhead" is Warren Rosengrant for any strangers who run across this web site. For anyone who doesn't know the origin, at about the age of eight he had a beanie -- a popular hat for boys in the 1940s -- and covered it with the pins which came as a premium in boxes of a popular breakfast cereal. Some adult asked if he were a "pihnead" and the nickname stuck.)

Each picture is there in two forms; a "thumbnail" picture which will download quickly and a high resolution which should be good enough to read the print on many of the articles. If you click on the thumbnail picture it will open the detailed image.

I've divided the pictures into eight groups. Click here to visit the parts of the scrapbook.
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four
Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight

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