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Planning Information and Minutes Page

This page will contain information we shared among the planning committee and others who wanted to participate remotely and the minutes of our monthly pizza parties.

The schedule proposed for the Fiftieth Anniversary is:

  • Friday evening informal get together at the Comfort Inn near the intersection of Interstate 81 and Pennsylvania Route 309 in Wilkes Barre. Happy Hour at the cash bar will last all evening.
  • Saturday tour of the old Kingston High School -- we meet in front of the school at 1:30 on Saturday.
  • Saturday evening dinner at the Appletree Terrace in Newberry Estates.
  • Sunday ???

Click here to see the contents of the invitation we sent out at the beginning of January and here to see the contents of the May mailing with the final menu.

The Reunion was
August 12, 2006; 6:00 PM.
Appletree Terrace, Newberry Estates, Dallas

July 2006 Meeting notes:

Well, it's the last meeting and only three weeks until many of us will gather at the Appletree for the final meeting. Present in addition to the webmaster are Judy Bateman Shaffer, Pete Austin, Lynne Boyle Austin, Ellen Fennell, Barry Breese, Bob Pugh, John Brennan, Lois Wolfle, Tom Judge, Bill James, Charlie Kerstetter, Dave Whipple and Pinhead.

Assignments for the functions of the reunion program were addressed. Pinhead brought the commerative cup for our inspection. The roll of non-reservations was reviewed to see if everyone who had not made reservations had been contacted. Plans for snacks on Friday night were put in place. Known living faculty were reviewed and plans made for invitations. We left assured that what we could possibly do to get ready was in place. We all found the exercise of planning this reunion to be so enjoyable that we're going to resume in September with a KHS-56 Second Saturday Social gathering. Anyone who can make the Grotto at Harveys Lake on the second Saturday of the month will be a de-facto member of the group. The only difference will be the time; we've been asked to move it closer to noon so the pizza and beverages don't spoil our suppers.

The general result of the planning emphasises this is an informal affair. The Friday night gathering is totally casual and the Saturday dinner is buffet style. The main object of Saturday evening is to share a meal in comfort with your oldest friends. We hope the everyone will dress comfortably and be prepared for a relaxed weekend.

An item of trivia. I wondered who could afford the Newberry Estate and found out that Mr. Newberry was one of F. W. Woolworth's associates. (Do you remember the Woolworth store at Kingston Corners? It's now the Main Street Bike Store.) Quite a fortune was collected by the founders of the Five and Dime stores including F. M. Kirby and Newberry. The situation in Shavertown is that the Dime Store there is now a Dollar Store.

There's a new feature out on the class web site; Dorothy Sponseller sent a series of old photos and I couldn't resist posting them. (Thanks Dottie.) Dottie mentions the gas to run the car in her photo was twenty five cents a gallon. The current cost of gas is just about the same effect as moving from the Dime Store to the Dollar Store. Click on the "Old Pictures" entry in the index to see her shots.

Your webmaster/errand runner plans to work from home the week of the reunion. If you have an emergency which needs the help of someone in Northeast PA give me a call; the home number is 570-639-5691 and the cell phone is 570-639-5691. If you get to town early please stop by and say hello when you visit the Grotto Pizza; I'm on the Old Lake Road about a half mile from the lakefront. Old timers who hung out at Harvey's Lake will know it as across from the Mowhawk Riding Academy and Stables. It's a little white house on the left with a cherry tree in front, an ornamental flag and a screened in porch.

We have reservations from 64 classmates. If you are coming and don't yet have a reservation please contact Judy Shaffer; 1 Pinecrest Avenue; Dallas, PA 18612. Reservations are in for the following as of August 5.

New reservations since the May meeting are marked with an asterisk and since the June meeting with two:
Bernadette Vidunas Dyczewski Evelyn Coslett Lynne and Pete Austin
Dave Whipple George and Carolyn Mountjoy Stan and Joyce Turel
Virginia Hardy Cocco Rose Marie Pieck Williams Gail Yeisley Diefenderfer
John Kurisky Judith Pasanek Conners Margie Sanders LaBarr
Eleanor Kasmark Mullally Anthony Miskiewicz Donald Ervin
Ellen Fennell Mainzer Eugene Edwards Louis Ciecinski
John Blockberger Charles Kerstetter Warren Rosengrant
Barbara and Glade Frisbie Harold Leventhal Dona Joy Belcastro
June Flood Matalevage Bill Evans Kay Watkins Evans
Lida Mae Thomas Parfitt Carl Nichols John Stollenwerk
Betty Lou Kozik Gross Stanley Elinsky Elaine Tracey Kindler
Katherine Scheffley Leblanc Charles Kappler Carol Edevane Heiser
Bruce Miles Bill James James Bogdan
*Joseph Kratzer *Max Schleicher *John Brennan
*Judy Kravitz *Jerry Stasavage *Tom Woods
*Ed Duncan *Dorothy Sponseller Carr **Barry Breese
**Blanche Scureman Gunther **Mary Louise Lemes Hovanec **Helen Harding Ferraro
**Bob Pugh **Marlene Sauerwine Koval **Bill McGoey
**Bill Alles **Judy Bateman Shaffer **Barbara Kern Craig
**Lois Wolfle DeRonde **Ruth Cooper Roberts **Anthony Charnetski
**Thomas Judge **Edward McDermott **Judith Weiss Moskow

June 2006 Meeting notes:

This month a number of the regulars (Pinhead, Charlie Kappler, Barry Breese, Judy Bateman Shaffer, Ellen Fennell, Charlie Kerstetter, Lynne Boyle Austin, Bill James and the webmaster were joined by Tom Judge, John Kurisky and Ellen Mulloy.

Arrangements for the program and invitations of faculty were discussed. Most of the discussion was going over details.

Helen Harding needs one more for her foursome. Betty Lou has half a team for softball. Signup now.

We have reservations from 51 classmates. If you are coming please contact Judy Shaffer; 1 Pinecrest Avenue; Dallas, PA 18612 by August 5.

Reservations are in for the following. The Comfort Inn has eight rooms left of our expanded allocation. New reservations since the May meeting are marked with an asterisk:

May 2006 Meeting notes:

The final edition of our school newspaper has been scanned and uploaded. It turns out it was delivered in June and not May. I note the gossip column made a pretty good call in it's first item: "Leading off the gang are Lynne and Pete, Jim and Barb P. and Barb B. and Glade. Their theme song seems to be 'Forever, Darling'." Remarkable after fifty years that two of the three are still an item. Skip over to the Kingstonian Newspaper heading and read all that stale news long forgotten but always fascinating including the Class Will and Gossip.

I've also added a number of items from February through May to the Mail Bag heading.

As far as more recent things go, our meeting today was attended by Warren Rosengrant, Judy Bateman Shaffer, Lynne Boyle, Bruce Miles and your webmaster. Our questionaire is being mailed with the final menu and details for the reunion gathering three months from today.

We seem to have a group interested in replacing their class rings. Anyone who wants to join the group should make their desire known.

THREE MONTHS TO GO!!!! Time's a wasting. Get your reservations made. Nine rooms remain at the Comfort Inn.

(Hint: check out Lehigh Valley as an alternate airport if you're flying in. My daughter came in from Raleigh, NC at Easter and found it quite a bit cheaper and faster than the airlines which come into Avoca through Chicago and Cincinnati. With tolls, gas and parking it was cheaper than picking her up from a "cheaper" direct flight to Philadelphia. I took PA Route 309 home from Allentown and it was a time machine trip back five decades. Luckily it was in a new car and not one of those the Road Knights mentioned in the Class Will.)

April 2006 Meeting notes:

A new feature was added to the class web site -- The April edition of the Kingstonian "A completely self supporting school Paper" is now available for you to read again. I hope to get the May edition online for next month.

The usual group got together; Judy Shaffer, Warren Rosengrant, Lynne Boyle, Barry Breese, Charlie Kerstetter, Tom Woods, Bruce Miles, Lois DeRonde, Bill (James and Evans) plus the Frisbe travellers checking in for the season. I may have missed someone it was such an active occasion with beautiful spring weather buoying everyone's spirits.

Detailed arrangements for Friday night's mixer and the Saturday banquet are being finalized. We will mail them out and post them to the web site. We'll start the reunion officially with a mixer at Seven O'clock at the Comfort Inn Wilkes-Barre on Friday so you have a chance to go out for supper. It will be Dutch Treat for the evening.

A tour of the old Kingston High School is confirmed for 1:30 Saturday. Softball and golf are proposed to follow. Betty Lou and Hal will organize the Softball (I'll pass on their e-mail addresses on request.) Golfers will have to organize their foursomes but we'll help you get together if you send us an e-mail. Bruce has volunteered to help with the match-ups. None of the committee is a local golfer but Bruce is involved in Connecticut and will see what connections he can make. Come in early and chances are better for mid-week rounds.

The menu for the banquet has been set as a "modified buffet" with separate stations for each kind of food. Time's a wastin'! Less than four months to go! Reservations and payments MUST be in to Judy Shaffer by August fifth. The Comfort Inn reservations are going and we should have a report by next month on how many are left. Here's the final menu:

Final Menu

Special Notice:

The planning committee is mailing a form for personal information to share with your classmates. Lynne Boyle Austin will be organizing the data. You can save the price of a stamp by filling in the answers online. You will need the Adobe Reader to fill it in. Click here to open the form. Click on the "Submit by Email" button at the top of the form when it's filled in and I'll forward the data to Lynne. href="http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html"> Click here to download the Adobe Reader.

March 2006 Meeting notes:

Slow start this month. Old yearbooks, Kingstonian Newspapers and death notices (including Blanche Scureman's husband) caught our attention until we got settled. Bob Pugh, Charlie Kerstetter, Lynne Boyle, Judy Bateman, Pinhead, Barry Breese and Lois Wolfle joined the webmaster for the meeting.

So far five rooms of the twenty reserved at the Comfort Inn are spoken for and fifty three of our classmates have stated they will attend in August. Five months to go. A questionaire will be coming through USPS in a month or so. I'll also have it online for those of us who have moved beyond the postal service.

As always we degenerated into a social occasion and pizza party. Come on by and share the pie.

We are still missing a number of members or at least their addresses. Please let us know, if you can, where the following are and let them know we miss them. Even a phone number would help. For a few (those with a "*") we have e-mail addresses but not US Postal Service addresses. The missing members are:
Charlaine Regan Bosso Michael Bohroski Frank Caggiano Dorothy Sponseller Carr * John Cross Russell Dunne
Robert Elston Ronald Gober Camille Groblewski Margaret Weaver Harman Barbara Pethick Hunter Jessie Jangigian
Michael Kaiser Jaqueline Parry Kinch * William Littleton Layton Love Carol Martin Robert Metzgar
Stephen Michaels Rebecca Birnbaum Miller Theodore Perry Beverly Pritchard Robert Puhl David Ralston
Ruth Ann Cooper Roberts Mary Ann Serdinski Snyder Gilbert Sperry * Daniel Stevens Edward Stone Harold Strunk
James Turner


February 2006 Meeting notes:

Well I finally got my schedule fouled up. I missed the meeting but the report I got says: " Bill, sorry to tell you this but we had the meeting on Sat. the 11th Judy, Ellen, Warren & myself (Barry) were there. We seem to have gotten a pretty good response so far with the reseverations."

Among other things this is where my lovely wife was such a great help. I'll be there next month. Meanwhile, I've done a bit of work on the web site:

  • Barry Breese contributed a bunch of snapshots WITH NAMES. They're at http://wvevans.net/KHS-56/49erPicnic/BarrysPics.html
  • The endpapers (assembly and football stadium), all the clubs and the faculty pictures have been scanned in and can be reached at the Kingstonian link on the menu at the right side of the web site home page. Only the underclassmen to go.
  • A number of current photos have been added. Go to the Senior Directory link and there is a link above the class portrait if we have recent photos. Judy Kravitz and Stan Turel sent new ones to add. Please send yours.

January 2006 Meeting notes:

This month's meeting occurred on a "blustery day"; windy and a little rain. The snow melted this past week with warm weather and a little rain but winter isn't over yet. It's back into the teens tomorrow night though. Ellen. Judy. Warren, Bruce, Bob, Barry and your webmaster were present. Come on by and join us for the monthly party. Oh, yes, we also did a little planning.

I've been reminded to pass on the group site address to our Classmates menbers: clicking HERE will provide pretty much the same as Classmates Gold with no cost. Try it. That address is "http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KHS_1956/".

The announcement for the reunion was mailed. Our mailings were returned for Shirly Coleman, Phillip Skeba and Drue Daniels. Unfortunately there are a lot of others for whom we have no address. We would be delighted if you help us find the missing members.

Please send your reservations in and, if possible, your payment to Judy Bateman Shaffer. The missing members are: Michael Bohroski, Charlaine Regan Bosso, Frank Caggiano, Mary Ann Calenda, Marian Yenshuski Cesarini, John Cross, John Danielowicz, Margaret Dumont, Russell Dunne, Gale (Ransom Kile) Edwards, Robert Elston, Bob Gable, Joseph Gallagher, Ronald Gober, Camille Groblewski, Margaret Weaver Harman, Barbara Pethick Hunter, Jessie Jangigian, Michael Kaiser, Jaxqueline Parry Kinch, William Littleton, Layton Love, Carol Martin, Bob Meleski, Robert Metzgar, Stephen Michaels, Rebecca Birnbaum Miller, Theodore Perry, Beverly Pritchard, Robert Puhl, David Ralston, Ruth Ann Cooper Roberts, Barbara Rolison, Katherine Sheffley, Mary Ann Serdinski Snyder, Gilbert Sperry, Daniel Stevens, Edward Stone, Harold Strunk, Elaine Tracey, James Turner, Barbara Rolison Williams, and John Zoranski. We would love to have all any of their addresses to contact them.

December 2005 Meeting notes:

This month's meeting is in the Winter Wonderland of Northeast PA after the ten plus inches of snow which came Thursday. The ski resorts are rejoicing; it's going to be a good Christmas for them. Your planning committee hopes your Christmas will be as good. John Brennan, Judy Bateman Shaffer, Lynne Boyle, Barry Breese, Pinhead and the webmaster showed up. We reviewed the year end mailing for the reunion and the list of addresses.

The mailing is online if you want to dig it out or drop me a note. The details we have are in the brochure along with our appeal for advance payment so we can make a deposit for the restaurant.

While you're at it, take a look at our celebrity of the month for November. Pete Austin was the subject of a front page feature in the Times Leader on November 22.Click Here!

November 2005 Meeting notes:

Pinhead, Ellen, Judy, Bruce, Lois, and the Webmaster were at this months meeting. We meandered through topics but the high points were: Reunion reservations at the Newberry Estates restaurant (The Appletree Terrace, see the Planning Information heading), possible Sweat Shirts for sale from a High School which was absorbed a number of decades ago and Memorial cups for the reunion dinner were selected.

We are now approaching the dates of committment. The Appletree wants a deposit of a couple hundred dollars in February and we will need to get advances on your reservations by then.

October 2005 Meeting notes:

Just Barry, Judy, Warren and the Webmaster at this months meeting. Cold and Rainy in NE Pennsylvania -- finally rainy. The fall color is a bit muted it's been so dry.

We're trying to get identifications for the pictures of the picnic. (Your help is invited; just look at the pictures and send me an e-mail if you recognize anyone.)

We're going to collect current pictures for the web-site to go along with your yearbook picture. Please forward a copy to me by e-mail or snail-mail (Bill Evans; PO Box 285; Shawanese, PA 18654). I'll gladly scan in hard copy photos and zoom into a snapshot to turn it into a "candid portrait". Im also begging for pictures and addresses of classmates I don't have. (Drop me a note if you want your own copy of the mailing list as it currently exists.)

We've made arrangements with the Comfort Inn for reasonable room prices, use of their conference room by the class, indoor swimming pool if you have the nerve, and happy hour prices with free hors d'hoerves for our Friday Night gathering.

Mail order for the Tee-shirts is always open and we're working on some other novelty items for our catalog. Stay tuned.

September 2005 Meeting notes:

The major concern at today's meeting was activites for Friday Evening next year. That's August 11, 2006.

We came out of this year's picnic with a small bank balance to seed the action for next year. We will need more to fund the preparations for next year so expect some directed solicitations. (Consider this the first.) A couple of classmates who could not attend sent in the price of the ticket for the picnic as a contribution for which the committee sends their thanks. For the rest of us, those who pigged out at the picnic and those who couldn't come, a contribution is requested (begged?). Advance payments against next year's affair will be welcomed as well.

Arrangements have been made for a break on room prices at a new Comfort Inn in Wilkes Barre Township. It's just off PA Route 309.

I'm sorry about the delay in names for the 49er Party pictures but I've been travelling to and from Orlando for the past two weeks.

Forty Niner Picnic notes:

I think we all had a great time at the picnic. We stayed late enough. The photos we took along with an image of one who couldn't make it but showed up in last January's Good Housekeeping can be viewed if you Click HERE . Figure out who was who if you can; I'm terrible on names. I hope to add a list of those who attended when I can get it from Judy Shaffer.

August 2005 Meeting notes:

This was a last minute meeting to nail down details for the picnic next Friday. I hope to see a big turnout; so far we have 53 reservations but our host assures us any last minute show-ups will be welcome as will anyone else who wants to associate with us.

Judy Bateman, Ellen Fennell, Pihhead, Dave Whipple, Lois Wolfle, John Brennan and I (Bill Evans) were present for the essentials of the day. I passed on e-mail greetings from George Mountjoy, John Kurisky and Hal Leventhal.

Charlie Kappler was absent this month since he's recovering from the implantation of a new kidney. Reports are that he's recovering nicely.

Committees for next year's activity were considered.

  • Program committee (Possible KHS building tour, Golfing, ???)
  • Friday Evening mixer
  • Saturday Dinner at Appletree
  • Sunday brunch (?)
  • Publications
  • Membership (New members not involved, this means tracking down all the surviving members of the class.)
  • (?)

The meeting, as always, shifted to a social occasion and adjourned to next Friday when we will attempt to do as much socializing as possible and as little business as possible.

July 2005 Meeting notes:

Sorry all, I lost this file and had to go to a backup. We're missing the text for March through June. (Our typing teacher was generous when she gave me a C minus. I really deserved to fail that class but typing is the ONE thing I learned in KHS which I use EVERY DAY.) Check out the new Mail Bag page.

Charlie Kerstetter, Judy Bateman, John Brennan, Barry Breese, Ellen Fennel, Bob Pugh, Charlie Kappler, Warren Rosengrant and your Webmaster were at the planning meeting along with a couple spouses.
July One

At the meeting we discussed menu choices for the 49er picnic and material which we're gathering to pass on for the actual reunion next year. There are so many details those coming in must consider. Those who come back frequently know the changes which have taken place in "The Valley" including all the merchants who have relocated from downtown to Wilkes-Barre Township. Those who haven't been back recently can use the information we're packaging to distribute next year when we begin to collect reservations for the Big Fifty reunion.
July Two

The basic signup minimum for the 49er picnic has been met. We are still open for more of the class to attend but they would like a count two weeks ahead of time so they fix the right amout of food. E-mail me and/or send your check directly to Judy Bateman if you want to attend.

February 2005 Meeting notes:

Weekend of August 12, 19 or 26 for a 49th anniversary preview planning group Picnic at the Checkerboard Inn (Trucksville) proposed and menu distributed.

A repeat for Friday night of the fiftieth anniversary considered. The menu is included on the web site. Also presented was a menu for the Appletree Terrace proposed for a Saturday event. The schedule proposed is:

  • Friday afternoon and evening picnic at the Checkerboard
  • Saturday tour of the old Kingston High School
  • Saturday evening dinner at the Appletree Terrace
  • Sunday ???

Tee shirts available at $15 as a fund raiser. Two styles:

  1. "Property of Kingston H. S. Atheletic Department" copied from a real original
  2. "KHS '56" on the left side

Both are authentic grey. Contact Warren Rosengrant. If you don't have his e-mail address send me a note and I'll send you the list for all those I have.

Plus you missed a bunch of gossip (or remberances if you prefer). The crowd was smaller than in good weather. Come join us next month.  

January 2005 Meeting notes:
  SNOW!!! No meeting was held due to a ten inch show which was lucky because the forecast originally predicted eighteen inches or more. Boston and Cape Cod got smashed.
October 2004 Meeting notes:
  Margie Sanders LaBarr, Bob Pugh, Bruce Miles, Barry Breese, Judy Bateman, Ellen Fennell Mainzer, Warren Rosengrant, Dave Whipple, Charlie Kappler, Roberta Walters Boyd and Bill Evans attended this month's meeting. A short discussion was held and we decided on June 2006 for the reunion. The weekend of June 9-11 seems to be the rational time for the occasion. The following week is Father's Day and after that summer is in too full bloom. A committee of Warren Rosengrant and Fennell Mainzer will check out some places.
  Those present agreed that an informal social evening on Friday June 9, a more formal dinner on Saturday June 10 and an afternoon get-together on Sunday seemed reasonable as an overall structure. The details of the formal evening, should we have a band, a disk jockey, "period" music of the mid 50s, or something else will be pondered.
  In the meantime, for those too impatient for the event or too sociable to wait, it was proposed we hold an informal meeting as a committee of the whole class for an evening of visiting in 2005. Until then everyone is welcome at the planning meetings of the volunteers.
  In the meantime, I'm planning on bringing a scanner to the next meetings. Come back in a week or so and I'll have some material Margie leant me on the web site. Your contributions will help enrich this web site. Bring along anything you can contribute.
  Warren Rosengrant, our "Class Manager" made it to the meeting looking well just two days after a cardiac catheritization. A get-well card was circulated for Lois Wolfle. Apologies were exended for the loss of data which went with the hard drive on my laptop computer. If anyone has the small spread-sheet with the e-mail addresses for the class I sent out, please send me back a copy.
September 2004 Meeting notes:
  Lynne Boyle Austin, Tommy Woods and John Brennan joined me for a gab fest in the absence of any others at the planning session. Warren Rosengrant got pulled away for a wedding, Full-time RVer Glade Frisbee planned to join us but got "flooded in" at his home base campground.
  Overall IVAN pretty much rained on our planning session parade. (Apologies for the pun.) Nearly eight inches of rain fell in Kingston Friday night and Saturday morning. They raised the flood gates blocking the Market Street bridge. The Susquehanna River will crest at about 35 feet Sunday morning. The river is expected to cover the bridge roadway Saturday night.
August 2004 Meeting notes:
  A whole bunch of '56 classmates gathered at the Grotto on a beautiful summer day to contribute to this effort. The e-mail addresses of those present and some they remembered formed the basis of an online mailing list. Many suggestions were made for arrangements for a reunion and the roll was called from Warren Rosengrant's much annotated yearbook. We paused over too many obituaries and remembered many old friends around the country. Plans were made to gather again in September.
Drop me a line at wvevans@prodigy.net to add your e-mail address to a list and get the list of known e-mail addresses for other class members. Please send any other e-mail or snail-mail addresses of class members you might know; including your own snail-mail address if I don't have it already.