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Welcome to the library of the pictures of past reunions. All the pictures in this folder are present in two versions, a thumbnail which will be displayed and a high resolution version you can download and print. Right click with your mouse on the picture and note the name of the file from the pop-up. You can then get a high definition print by one of two methods.

  1. Send me that name you noted and the URL at the top of the web browser window and I'll forward the picture attached to an e-mail.
  2. Go to the URL at the top of the web browser window, delete the "pictures.html" part of the contents and press Enter. Select the version of the picture which does NOT have the "_tn" in its name. This can be downloaded and sent to an online photofinisher, copied and taken to a local photofinisher or printed."

Enjoy, Bill Evans

Reunion61Cover_tn.jpg (193x300; 9034 bytes) Reunion76CoverPage_tn.jpg (189x300; 10506 bytes)
Reunion-76_tn.jpg (300x99; 6718 bytes) Reunion-81_tn.jpg (300x124; 8863 bytes)
1976-1_tn.jpg (300x201; 9187 bytes) 1976-2_tn.jpg (300x208; 8417 bytes)
1976-3_tn.jpg (300x203; 8687 bytes) 1976-4_tn.jpg (300x208; 7796 bytes)
1976-5_tn.jpg (300x202; 8967 bytes) 1976-6_tn.jpg (300x205; 8943 bytes)
1976-7_tn.jpg (300x202; 8083 bytes) 1976-8_tn.jpg (300x210; 9583 bytes)
1986-1_tn.jpg (300x195; 8683 bytes) 1986-2_tn.jpg (300x204; 10354 bytes)
1986-3_tn.jpg (300x201; 12440 bytes) 1986-4_tn.jpg (300x205; 11931 bytes)
1986-5_tn.jpg (300x197; 9844 bytes) 1986-6_tn.jpg (300x204; 12108 bytes)
1986-7_tn.jpg (300x199; 13524 bytes) 1986-8_tn.jpg (300x204; 10786 bytes)
1986-9_tn.jpg (300x196; 9657 bytes) 1986-10_tn.jpg (300x203; 9185 bytes)
1986-11_tn.jpg (300x199; 10319 bytes) 1986-12_tn.jpg (300x205; 10639 bytes)
1986-13_tn.jpg (300x196; 9388 bytes) 1986-14_tn.jpg (300x202; 9780 bytes)
1986-15_tn.jpg (197x300; 7965 bytes) 1986-16_tn.jpg (300x206; 10763 bytes)
1986-17_tn.jpg (300x197; 10190 bytes) 1986-18_tn.jpg (300x200; 12251 bytes)
1986-19_tn.jpg (300x198; 11398 bytes) 1986-20_tn.jpg (300x203; 11272 bytes)
1986-21_tn.jpg (300x202; 11449 bytes) 1986-22_tn.jpg (300x204; 12640 bytes)
1986-23_tn.jpg (300x207; 12054 bytes) 1986-24_tn.jpg (300x200; 12341 bytes)
1986-25_tn.jpg (300x202; 11432 bytes) 1986-26_tn.jpg (300x198; 12042 bytes)
1986-27_tn.jpg (300x209; 13685 bytes) 1986-28_tn.jpg (203x300; 9848 bytes)
WJ1986-1_tn.jpg (300x211; 13187 bytes) WJ1986-2_tn.jpg (300x217; 11546 bytes)
WJ1986-3_tn.jpg (269x300; 12426 bytes) WJ1986-4_tn.jpg (300x214; 11904 bytes)
WJ1986-5_tn.jpg (300x214; 10477 bytes) WJ1986-6_tn.jpg (212x300; 11094 bytes)
WJ1986-7_tn.jpg (300x169; 9887 bytes) WJ1986-8_tn.jpg (215x300; 9075 bytes)
WJ1986-9_tn.jpg (300x217; 12413 bytes) WJ1986-10_tn.jpg (210x300; 10941 bytes)
WJ1986-11_tn.jpg (300x195; 9953 bytes) WJ1986-12_tn.jpg (300x159; 7555 bytes)
WJ1986-13_tn.jpg (300x285; 14600 bytes) WJ1986-14_tn.jpg (300x214; 11575 bytes)
WJ1986-15_tn.jpg (250x300; 9778 bytes) WJ1986-16_tn.jpg (250x300; 9276 bytes)
WJ1986-17_tn.jpg (300x192; 9472 bytes) WJ1986-18_tn.jpg (300x198; 11394 bytes)
WJ1986-19_tn.jpg (271x300; 7796 bytes)

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