Birthday Letters from Assorted Classmates



Hello to Everyone:


Hope where ever you are its nice and sunny.  Right here in Juneau  Alaska its raining again and has been for the past month.  We did have our two weeks of summer this season.  Actually it has not been that bad and I have had the wonderful experience of seeing glaciers  and wildlife.


There was the opportunity to go ouit to Tracy Arm on a boat and we were fortunate to see whales, where an Orca or killer whale attacked a porpose and killed it right by the boat.  Fortunately it was all underwater but then one of the whales jumped up which they call "spy hopping" again right by the boat.


Later on by one of glaciers which started to rumble knocking large pieces of ice in the water but what made it so outstanding is releasing two large pieces of ice which was on the bottom causing them to shoot up about 10 stories in the air several times before floating off.  Its a rare sight and one would never forget.  Speaking of age, I forgot how old I am and was jumping up and down yelling just like a kid.  It was a rare remarkable sight.


Although I live in the desert (Tucson) I  love the water and feel fortunate to be able to live and work here in Alaska for the summer months.  Next year...who  knows.


Hope this finds  you well and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of you this year.  I guess one could call it a mile stone in our lives.  Sept 1st., who knows what I'll be doing.



Joanne Alegria (Romanowski)







 We'll be in Maine.  So sorry but can't make it.............h. Helen Harding Ferraro




Best regards to everyone. Wish we could see all of you again, maybe at a later date, but sending warm thoughts to you all.


We heard the original COMETS (without Bill Haley) in Napa.




Max & Betsy




Hi Bill,


 We will not be able to attend the 70th Party.  What a fun idea!


Gail Diefenderfer




Hi Bill,

I wish we could say we're happy that a birthday party is coming for the class of "56 on August 9th.  We'd be happier if we could be there.  Unfortunately, we'll be spending the week in Wellfleet, Mass.  I'm sorry that we didn't know 3 months ago when we rented the house, cuz you know we would be there.  Please send me details on how to obtain a shirt and give our hellos to everyone there.  We'll toast all of you at dinner that night.  Should it be a Yuengling in honor of Bruce?



Betty Lou Kozik




Hi Bill. Thanks for the info. about the reunion. Unfortunately, I won't be back to PA. this summer. Perhaps in the fall. Say "Hi" to everyone for me. Would I be able to purchase a shirt? Let me know.


Always, Ginny




I will miss you all.............Our youngest, Alison, is coming in from Texas with husband Michael and three grandchildren..............We haven't seen them in about 6 months..........Please give my very best to all....


Ed Duncan




Hi Bill.. regret that Patti and I will be in Canada with the family on Saturday. Sure wish I could have joined the birthday bash..Hope you can put two photos of the class reunion aside for me, I will pick it up at the next get together. My regards to all my fellow classmates. Dave


Dave and Patti Whipple




If you can send me a tee shirt  extra large,  and an invoice I will mail a check to you.  If you cannot do this,  it is okay.


 Barbara Kern Craig














 Great idea!  Wish (really, really, really wish that I could be there) I could come but can't.


1.  The distance.

2.  Will be having company at my house.

3.  Won't be 70 until next June.


Have a great time and have a drink for me.


Stan Turel




You know Stan, you youngsters can be a real pain in the tush. to us oldsters. sorry you can't make it but maybe next year.


barry breese





I'll be there early to help decorate---and if Stan insists, we'll have a drinnk on him!!