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The Gymanfa on October 8 was held at the First Welsh Presbyterian Church in the Heights section of Wilkes Barre. The First Welsh Baptist Church is a bit further north in the middle of the same block.

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The well tended monument in the foreground of the previous picture is of the memorial to the members of the local community who fell in World War II.

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From the opposite side you can see that the Gymanfa was held on a beautiful fall day while Y Draig Goch proclaimed the event.

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In the social room they display their Welsh heritage with an assortment of mementos.

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The auditorium/sancturary of the church is another of those old buildings with excellent acoustics. They were built for preaching before the age of amplifiers. It is a pleasure to sing in such an acoustically live room.

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There was a modest crowd present. The population is aging and has been moving away to find jobs for at least a half century.

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The choir was in place for the Gmanfa and Elizabeth Shoemaker from Leesburg Virginia was invited to provide special music with her excellent voice and skill on the harp.

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Elizabeth sang the Welsh National Anthem and two numbers between sets of hymns. She also played the offeratory on her harp. Her grandmother is a member of the congregation.

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Jay Williams came from Utica New York and honored us by serving as the conductor.

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This photo shows Elizabeth and her harp along with her Gmanfa Chairpeson Martha Borosky and Jay Williams.

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A Te Bach followed the singing.

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An honored guest was this young lady who celebrated her ninetieth birthday today.

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