Dr. Edwards Memorial Church Gymanfa Ganu 2006



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Every Gmanfa Ganu is a social occasion where everyone is actively renewing old friendships while we wait for the event to start. The

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The invocation for the afternoon was given by the Reverend Ames visiting from the Arch Street Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia.

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The conductor for the afternoon was Mari Morgan. Her enthusiastic and lively approach lifted the participants spirits.

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Mari was backed by the notable Orpheus Society of Wyoming Valley, one of our finest long standing curtural groups. Caron Anstett leads them with Susan Lauer accompanying on the piano.

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Master Daniel Lloyd Irvin and his sister were the youngest in attendance. Daniel shows his heritage showing the three feathers on his bright shirt. The hope of the culture surviving rests with Daniel and his generation.

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Mari conducted by leading us all, teaching the Welsh words to a "new" song and singing as vigorously as anyone else in the building. She also favored us with a solo selection.

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Attendance was good on a fine fall day. As always the congregation was toward the back of the room.

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Mari was not happy with everyone scattered around and insisted that the men move to the front for a couple of the hymns which featured the voices of the lower register.

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The age range was wide and incuded the webmaster's cousin Ed Fielding; one of the older participants. Ed was in Wales an extra week in August when the great security scare of 2006 cancelled his flight.

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Our counductor, Mari Morgan, and the chairman of the Ethnic committee of the Dr. Edwards Memorial Congregational Church are gathered behind the accompanist for the Gymanfa, Mrs. Barbara Futchel of the First Welsh Baptist Church of Plymouth PA.

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The Gymanfa Ganu was followed by a Te Bach in the social rooms. The servers were dressed appropriately for the occasion. Most wore aprons with Y Draig Goch on the front but Carol Jones Wolosz was more completely outfitted with a traditional Welsh costume.

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Edwardsville's finest protects the attendees crossing the street at the end of the afternoon. The event is an annual occasion held each fall and draws the entire community to its support.

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