Vancouver Album

First order of business after twelve days of nonstop relaxation; some rest. The tour company had no mercy when it came to starting your day at six AM (including arrival morning) and continuing until sunset in the land of the Midnight Sun. We took our own time seeing Vancouver.

Once we did get moving we encountered this group of strange people as we discovered we were sharing the town with an international Shrine convention and these Men In Skirts were a Bagpipe Band.

Vancouver is a beautiful city and we took a double deck bus around town to see it all. Here is a stainless steel sculpture of a Dungeness Crab located at the Maritime Museum.

Fallout of the Worlds Fair is the British Columbia Science Works interactive museum. Excellent program and an Omniplex theatre. The DoubleDecker bus stops in front.

Frequent Traveller points are good for something. This view from our hotel window shows the Vancouver Harbor with the ship we arrived on in the morning setting out with another thousand cruising tourists in the afternoon. The two islands in the middle are fueling stations for the working boats. The tip of Stanley Park is to the left between the ship and the Esso sign.

After supper at a local microbrewery we walked a couple blocks to the "Steam Clock" in the middle of town. We were still far enough north to take this shot at 9:30 in the evening. The clock is equipped with five steam whistles (at the four corners and top of the clock). The four smaller whistles play the Westminster Chimes at the quarter hours and the large one sounds the hour. Almost immediately after this shot the antique street lights were lit.

In Stanley park is a beautiful Rose Garden. Gigantic. Hundreds of species of roses. Here's one beautiful example of a tea rose.

Here's another.

Thiss shot of Mary Louise chatting with a gardener gives some feel for the scale of the area. This was just one of about six sets of beds.

For the footsore visiting such a large area they have gathered the climbing roses around this arbor.

Some of the roses were quite unusual as I tried out the closeup setting of the camera.

This shot shows the other flowers enhancing the garden and the high rises just outside the park as seen from the arbor.

All this is gathered around a very modern city with very modern facilities. Here is a multi-level shopping center in the middle of the office buildings. Below this level is the train station with bus service at street level. All this in a city compact enough that a healthy person willing to cope with the hills can actually get around most of it on foot.

Among all the modern buildings the city has preserved the best of the Art Deco past. This building is just off the Marine Terminal where the cruise ships dock and between the old city (with the steam clock) and the modern office and hotel district.