Alaska Range viewed from the train from Anchorage to Fairbanks.

Forest north of Ancorage

More Alaska range -- there is no scenery to compare with the slow train to Fairbanks.

Inside the Ultravista car we had flowers on the table. Alaskans are crazy about flowers; probably due to the long winters and long summer days when they bloom in profusion.

This was our first view of Denali on the horizon. Only about twenty percent of the visitors get to see the mountain but we had marvelous views of it all week.

All this water is glacier melt. This is the reason for the silvery sheen of the water. The "sand bar" in the river is the flour-like silt from the rock ground up by the ice.

This shot along the length of the Ultraview car shows the bar in the middle of the car and how closely we were surrounded by the scenery as we went through a gorge. The seats were about eighteen feet up from the ground so low growth didn't get in the way.

This view shows the power of the glacier melt streams as it sweeps away small trees and washes them downstream to collect on the banks and sandbars.

A triple header shot: in the distance is "The Mountain" at quite some distance, in the middle ground is our train crossing a bridge over the glacier melt river and in the foreground our fellow tourists taking pictures of the awesome sight. Unfortunately we get some reflections and color alterations due to the grey filter built into the train car glass.

Another shot on a curve as we cross the divide separating watersheds. The stream here is flowing north into the Yukon River. From here it was downhill to Fairbanks and the scenery rapidly became flat farmland.