We arrived at Denali Gateway just in time for a Dinner Theatre presentation of "The Music of Denali" based on the history of the mountain. The dinner servers were the actors.

Here is the main street of the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. Lobby to the right and hotel buildings at the far end.

The view from the walk behind the administration building was rewarding.

Although the rooms were minimalist.

Ten after Six the following morning the Natural History excursion left. Denali is on the horizon sixty miles away. We were lucky, only twenty percent of the visitors get to see it.

Our group was taken by their first sight of The Great One.

Here are Mary Louise and Bill with Denali between us.

The trip turned around about twenty miles into the park and above the tree line. That's about 3000 feet.

This Athebascan woman related some of her family and tribal history and culture.

The landscape at this level is essentially the same as the artic tundra complete with permafrost.

When we got back we gave thanks the brakes held out on the way down the hill and relaxed until ready to go to Fairbanks. We got some lunch and visited the Park Headquarters and the train station. There isn't much else.

The midday train heading south was the one which brought us from Ahchorage to Denali the previous afternoon.

Back at the hotel the Mews Gull was posing and strafing the loungers.

As we left in late afternoon we could see the hotel's red roofs across the river and downtown Denali beyond.

Building in Denali is a challange since there isn't any flat land. The hotel at the upper right is the Grand Denali Lodge. It's all seasonal and primative.