William V. Evans
PO Box 285
Shawanese, PA 18654

Mr. Evans is a systems management technical professional who has worked with developers, business partners and software vendors in creating, testing and delivering multi-vendor enterprise systems management products, consulting and training. He has participated in all aspects of the software development life cycle and worked on all levels of computing platforms and operating systems with an emphasis in recent years on systems management consulting and training.



ESM Strategies, Purcellville, VA 2003 - Present  

Consulting in Systems Management and systems administration for NetView for Unix, and the products of the Tivoli Framework. This has addressed design, training, installation, customization and support activities for these products for the Office of the Chief Information Officer at the United States Department of Energy headquarters.

SRA International, Fairfax, VA 2000 - 2002  

Consulting in Systems Management for NetView for OS/390, NetView for Unix, NetView for Windows NT and the products of the Tivoli Framework. This has addressed design, marketing support, training, installation, customization and support activities for these products in commercial and government accounts.

Consulting and Training 

ESM 2ndWave, L.C. Dallas, TX 1999 - 2000 

Delivery of Tivoli Training customer and internal courses for the Tivoli Framework and Tivoli NetView products. Consulting for Tivoli Framework and NetView products on distributed and mainframe platforms.

Customer Technical Support and Testing 

Tivoli Systems, RTP, NC 1996 - 1998 

(Contract position) 

Developed education and program distribution materials for the Tivoli Product Introduction department customer support programs. This included OS/390 and microprocessor based versions of the Tivoli Framework. Direct customer contact for problem resolution and education were provided. Created and supported a web site for the customer programs. Supported a Unix and PC hardware lab and associated software.

Course Development and Training 

Alliance of Professionals and Consultants, Raleigh, NC 1994 - 1996 

Developed and taught a workshop which issued the Certified Network Management Engineer credential for Unix and PC based products including NetView for AIX, CiscoWorks, LAN Network Manager and the IBM NWAYS suite. Also developed a certification program for third party software in conjunction with IBM SystemView products. 

Programmer 1967 - 1994 

IBM Corporation, Kingston, NY and RTP, NC 

Accepted early retirement August 1, 1994 

SystemView technical staff 1992 - 1994 

Strategic design for the IBM corporate family of systems management products and the Power/PC environment. Co-author of SystemView Structure which defines the IBM strategic framework for systems management. International technical presentations on systems management topics. 

Systems Management alliances 1989 - 1992 

Supported systems management system design contributions to MAXM Corporation, the AT&T ACCUMASTER Integrator, and the NSFnet backbone. Market support for offerings in multi-vendor systems management.

NetView/PC technical planning 1984 - 1989 

Designed, planned and introduced IBM offerings in multi-vendor systems management. Developed materials for vendor education, presented them internationally and converted them to interactive courses jointly with Science Research Associates. 

VTAM design and site move support 1981 - 1984 

Design responsibility for the VSE operating system version of VTAM.

Communications Programming director's staff 1975 - 1981 

Design oversight of IBM's communications products as they related to the OS/VS1, VSE and VM/370 operating systems.

Programming product development 1967 - 1975 

Product design, coding, testing and market support for the 7090 Emulator for S/360 performance improvements to VTAM for VSE.

Educator 1960 - 1967 

Guidance counselor, Edgewood Regional High School (Atco, NJ), with special responsibility for school-wide testing and classroom teacher, Delran Township (NJ) Schools and Wrightstown Township (PA) Schools. 

Operating Systems 
Systems Management
  • OS/390, 
  • VM/390, 
  • AIX/6000, 
  • Windows NT/2000/XP, 
  • OS/2, 
  • Solaris , 
  • Linux 
  • OS/390, 
  • VM/390, 
  • AIX/6000, 
  • Windows 
  • OS/2,
  • Solaris, 
  • HP/UX, 
  • Linux, 
  • Cisco 
Developement Experience 
  • S/390 Assembler, 
  • IBM PLS family, 
  • REXX, 
  • PL/I, 
  • PERL, 
  • Pascal, 
  • C, 
  • Korn/Bourne/BASH shell, 
  • TSO Clist, 
  • VM/390 CLIST, 
  • S/390 JCL, 
  • HTML, 
  • SGML. 
Training in 
  • Fortran, 
  • Cobol, 
  • RPG, 
  • C++, 
  • BARC, 
  • Tivoli Enterprise Console Rules, 
  • others. 
  • SNA, 
  • SNA/DS, 
  • SNA/MS, 
  • TCP/IP, 
  • SNMP, 
  • Token Ring, 
  • Ethernet, 
  • Routers, Switches, Bridges and Hubs. 
  • Corel Draw, 
  • MS Office, 
  • Lotus Office tools, 
  • BookMaster. 
Drew University,  
Madison, NJ 
    BA in Behavioral Sciences 1960 
Rutgers, The State University,  
New Brunswick, NJ 
     MEd in Educational Psychology 1964 
North Carolina State University,  
Raleigh, NC 
    Courses on information processing topics 1991-1993 
Various colleges and universities 
    Certification courses (40 semester hours) in teaching and counseling 1960-1967
IBM Corporation 
    Company classes in programming and other job related subjects 1967-1994 

Advisory Certified Network Management Engineer - 1995 
    NetView/390, UNIX and PC products 
Tivoli Comprehensive Technical Training - 1996 
Tivoli Framework V3.6 Implementation - 1999 
Tivoli NetView Implementation - 1999 

US Patent 4937825   
Method and apparatus for diagnosing problems in data communications networks (co-inventor) 
    The IBM Service Point Communication Interface architecture 
IBM Systems Reference Library: SystemView Structure  1993 
    The architectural definition of IBM (now Tivoli) systems and network management,
Information Management Courses for Science Research Associates 1988 
(subject matter expert) 
    Computerized self-instruction courses 
    • Programming for NetView/PC 
    • Systems Management Architecture Management Services Alerts 
Data Management  1988  
    article on service point concepts 
IBM Technical Symposia  1968, 1973, 1977 
    co-authored contributions to the proceedings
IEEE Network Operations and Management Symposia 1986 
    authored a contribution to the proceedings