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Welcome to the family side of the web site.  Here are an unsorted set of pictures, text and other material. It's a bit of an online family album.
Bill's Resume. The picture was taken on the Alaska Cruise in 2002. Click on the picture if you want to read the resume.
Mary Louise's business is ML's Creations.  This picture was taken at Walt Disney World's Whoop-de-do in 1997.  A larger version is with her Biography page.  An earlier picture taken on a 1993 visit to San Diego  is on the ML's Creations home page.
An interesting artifact; Mary Louise's great grandparents had this calligraphy insert done for a framed stock marriage certificate. It's in copper ink but stained over the past century. Davis-Edevane Marriage Certificate This is the remnants of a picture in work gear.
The parties involved (a few years later) are seen in this photo. The obituary for David J. Davies.
Here's their cemetary monument. Note that the name on the monument is DAVIES; they used both spellings over the years.
On the other side of Mary Louise family we found the manifest for her Great Grandmother Mary Jones Amos (pronounced Aa - muss with her Grandfather George Thomas sneaking into the country with the family as George Amos. The family entries are on lines 13 through 19. The photo is of the ship Germanic on which they arrived. They were on their way to visit her father John Jones. Mary's first child, Mary Louise's Grandmother Elizabeth Jones is not with the party.
Here's the Reese family on Bill's father's side. At a birthday party in 2001 we had the four latest of the direct decendants of the two Williams in this picture (the third generation was missing) and the younger of the two Williams descended from the young lady Ethel. Our source noted the names in the frame; across the back are William, John, David and Thomas. In the front is Ethel with her father (William) and mother.
Bill's Ancestors and Relatives from the Merrell/Merrill homestead in Scott Township, Pennsylvania. The photo was taken in 1909 according to Glenn Merrill, our source. 
  • Row1 
  • Carl Hippensteel and his dog. 
    Carl was the son of Herve and Minnie Merrill Hippensteel. 
  • Row 2 
  • Thomas Webb Merrell (sic)
    Bill's Great Great Grandfather 
    Fannie Sutliff Merrell 
    Second wife of Thomas Webb Merrill 
  • Row 3 
  • Ada Merrill Edwards 
    Daughter of William and Della Merrill 
    Charles C. Merrill 
    Son of Thomas 
    William P. Merrill 
    Son of Thomas 
    Ernest S. Merrill 
    Son of Thomas 
    Ada Rink Merrill 
    Wife of Ernest S. Merrill 
    Jennie Merrill Eyerly 
    Daughter of Thomas 
  • Row 4 
  • Russell Edwards 
    Husband of Ada Merrill Edwards 
    Clyde L. Merrill 
    Son of Thomas 
    Edwin Eyerly 
    Husband of Jennie Merrill Eyerly 
    Mary Hippensteel Betz 
    Daughter of Herve and Minnie Hippensteel 
    Harry Betz 
    Hustand of Mary Hippensteel Betz 
    Herve Hippensteel (w/ Cane) 
    Husband of Minnie Merrill Hippensteel 
Not present were Minnie Merrill Hippensteel and Della Merrill (wife of William). They were in the kitchen "getting dinner ready". 

Thomas and Mary's son James died at age 7 in 1881. 

Thomas and Mary's son Jesse died around 1903. The widow Esther George Merrill and children Thomas Arthur, Stanley Hobson, Louis and ???? moved to Wilkes-Barre. 

Arthur, brother and benefactor of Jesse's family, had moved away. We believe he attended Stanford and eventually settled and was buried in Piedmont California.  

Bill's Great Great Grandmother, Mary A. Price (born 9 December 1844), who married Thomas Webb Merrell (sic) on 10 April 1862 in Espy.   They lived in Lower Lime Ridge, Columbia County at that time.  Thomas was born 1 March 1841.  Mary died 11 March 1904 and Thomas died 29 March 1916. They are buried in creveling Cemetary in Almedia, PA. 

Their nine childern (in order) are Jesse E., William P., Minnie E., Arthur M., James M., Jennie M., Ernest S., Clyde L. and Charles C..  

Bill's Grandfather taught brass here during the day and played in the theatre at night.