Biography of Mary Louise

Mary Louise has been involved in the arts and crafts scene for many years. She went out of her way to study art while preparing herself as a teacher for the elementary grades. During her early years she taught the general elementary curriculum in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York with a healthy dose of the arts in her classroom.

With the birth of her children, Mary Louise redirected her activities into private instruction with the opening of The Red Dragon studio for decorative ceramics. She operated this studio for adults and children until she relocated to her current North Carolina base and was unable to reopen (due to zoning restrictions).

As part of the decorative ceramics period Mary Louise worked with Wendy,the proprietor of Hurley Porcelain, on thimbles, cabochons and other china painting. These were in the style taught at the Royal Worcester China factory where Wendy was trained.

Associated with the porcelain ceramic activity was the creation and restoration of porcelain and composition antique dolls. This study was with Louise, an apprentice in the pre-World War II doll factories of Europe.

While in North Carolina, Mary Louise was heavily involved in the high school Band Parent scene until her children moved out for college. She then began scoring writing exercises for one of the countries leading scoring services while working in various media until she discovered the possibilities of the "moldable color" known as polymer clay. The associated pages of this web site illustrate her various activities in this media.

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