Cynonfardd Eisteddfod 2004

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The Evening Session

The cousins are back -- in costume. Check your evening program and you will see that we start the program with the singing of the national anthems. First "Our National Anthem", The Star Spangled Banner was sung by the audience, then the "Welsh National Anthem", Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau was sung by our cousins the Misses Megan, Morgan & Meredith Horwatt. (Morgan ducked away before the picture.)
The lady in this shot presented the prizes for our Welsh National Anthem singers. She was born in Breconshire and visits back and forth. Her accent lent authenticity to the proceedings.

You may read about the Morning and Afternoon Conductors and the Adjudicators; the Presiding Officers of the Eisteddfod at this link. The Gymanfa Conductor was Mr. Wesley B. Simmers, lead us in song. Two languages and four part harmony was the order of the day.

The gentlemen singing here is Frank Hughes Jr., New Cumberland singing in the Senior Citizen Solo Competition. My thanks to Sally Morgan DiRico for identifying the individuals in these photos.

Photography with a small camera in a large hall is difficult. The flash is not powerful enough and a hand held slow exposure tends to get blurred. The mood of the shot is authentic, however so a few of the competitions follow. First we get two shots of quartets. The first prize was the barbershop ensemble. At this point we were approaching the end of the fourth hour of performances
and second prize to the traditional mixed quartet
Here we have Ms. Moyer the Adjudictor of Music and the Bass/Baritone competitor is Bruce Evans of Luzerne. Bruce is not a know relation of mine, just another of the many sharing the surname.
A very tired but enthusiastic audience watched over by the Red Dragon banner.
And competitors waiting for the adjudication. The two young ladies took second place for Duet and both prizes for Amateur Solo.
The most amazing and enthusiastically supported prize was won by this wonderful eighty four year old soprano. The clock had passed eleven in the evening when she participated in the Challenge Solo. FIRST PRIZE was richly deserved and her performance brought the audience to their feet in appreciation of her performance. The Adjudicator of Music claimed the rules of the category gave her no choice in identifying the individual who rose most forcefully to the challange.
The evening ended with the Orpheus Society of Wilkes Barre as the sole competitor in the Adult Chorus category. Note our Challange Solo winner on the end of the third row.

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