Cynonfardd Eistedfodd 2004

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Moving to the Gamanfa Ganu

After dinner we all went upstairs for the evening program. As you enter there is a request for a very modest donation. Most of the cost of the program is covered by memorial gifts. A half century ago my parents and six of their friends entered competition as a double quartet. Half their group was remembered with gifts to support the program. I've listed the memorials at this link.
The venue for the Eisteddfod is a church. The word means "sitting" and we certainly found out what it meant. Each of the sessions is four or more hours long and there are no intermissions. Historians say the original competitions seated their audiences on the ground and awarded chairs to the winners.

The pews were comfortable. The stage was cleared and decorated with lovely bouquets. The flag of Wales hung on both sides from the balcony with a third on the stage.

To the left of the stage are the prize bags. The prizes are listed in the afternoon and evening programs.
The committee did a beautiful job creating the prize bags. The prize may be spent but the bag will be treasured.
Before we start the evening session there will be a GYMANFA GANU for a half hour. Here is a photo of the hymnal we used. We did sing in both languages.

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