Cynonfardd Eistedfodd 2005

Croeso -- Welcome

This page of the album shows many of the participants in the evening session. The afternoon session ended about six and we adjourned to the ground floor where there was an excellant catered meal. About seven we returned to the auditorium and held a half hour gmanfa ganu (g'-MAN-fuh GAH-nee). For non-Welsh readers that translates into "a gathering for (sacred) song". A couple weeks later a serious Gmanfa Ganu was sponsored by the Saint David's Society of the Wyoming Valley and there was a National Gmanfa Ganu in Orlando on Labor Day weekend as part of the North American Festival of Wales.

The competition in singing and recitation began about seven and finished about eleven thirty. What follows are the participants. I tried to be as unintrusive as I could and did not use flash for most shots. This gives a more realistic feel for the atmosphere but some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy. I hope you enjoy your visit in spite of the fuzziness. I fear I'm not able to hand hold available light shots any more.

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