Cynonfardd Eisteddfod 2004

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The Intersession Buffet Dinner

Here is the main social room of the church. It's in use today as a dining room with a nice chicken and roast beef buffet dinner. The dinner was served between the afternoon and evening sessions of the program.

Here's your ticket for the spread.
If you look above at the far end of the room you will see our first guest. She's been waiting patiently for us and encourages us to remember our heritage. Not that anyone in this congregation is going to forget soon. Wales Forever!

Don't think this is the only Welsh church in Edwardsville. Two blocks down was the First Welsh Baptist, six blocks down the First Welsh Presbyterian (started as the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist) and between them down a side street is the "English" Emmanual Baptist. It was an English church due to the language. The congregation was almost totally Welsh.

Here's your chance at the food and a welcome from one of our hostesses.
We were unable to attend the afternoon session of the program but follow the link to see what happened. The afternoon is always about the children (up to 18) and my wife's second cousins (once removed) were among the winners. (All the children win at this event.) Megan and Meridith are wearing their prize bags. Elma Price, one of the committee, didn't win a prize but she is certainly enjoying herself.
Lest ye forget the heritage, this guest wore her dragon on a dress of a popular color. We figure a rhinestone dragon on a red dress is more comfortable than the reverse for a program of this length.
Before you go, be sure to purchase your ticket to one of the other Welsh events in the area. Until the 1880s, Edwardsville was part of Plymouth, the other end of town. When they split into their own community, the town was named after another of the clan, a Daniel Edwards who owned the Kingston Coal Company.

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