Cynonfardd Eistedfodd 2004

Croeso -- Welcome

Welcome to my album of an unusual old-fashioned cultural event.

These are photographs of the One Hundred Fifteenth competition at the Dr. T. C. Edwards Memorial (Welsh) Congregational Church of Edwardsville, Pennsylvania. Well that's not exactly its real name but a combination of the names this building has used in the last one hundred and twenty four years. The building is known locally just as "The Big Church".

Those steps on the side of the building are the entrances to the church proper. There's another set just to the left and outside the picture frame.

This picture shows the church on the day of the Eisteddfod with the United States flag and the Welsh flag sharing the flag pole. The church was built for the Welsh community and sits among many of the original houses on narrow streets. The street car used to run along the street in front of the church until the mid 1940s.

Here we see one of the neighboring residential streets today; very narrow with small, closely sited houses. Remember, when the houses were built there were no cars to park here. The people walked where they wanted to go or took the street car. The picture is misleading but if you look closely you can appreciate this is really a steep hill.

Here the nature of the affair is advertised with this rendering of the Welsh banner flying on the flag pole nearby. "Cynonfardd" is the Bardic title of the founding pastor of the church. It means "Bard of Cynon" and I understand it was fairly earned.

Along with the flag are patches of that most Welsh flower, the Daffodil. They bloom later here than in Wales. Click here to see the progam page featuring the founding and current pastors of the Dr. T. C. Edwards Memorial Congregational Church.

The short version of the exciting history of this church is posted in the downstairs social rooms. I really have to find out more after reading of these events.

Join us on page two and visit the social room for dinner.

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