Welcome to the Cynonfardd Eisteddfod

This site will be reconstructed to reflect changes which have taken place and time which has passed. The new form will include a basic section on the Dr. Edwards Memorial Congregational Church and the community of Edwardsville then sections on each year that I've been able to photograph the event. You will be able to see the youngsters growing up and follow the adults as they compete from year to year.

To see the proof sheets for 2006 and 2006 click on the topics to the right. High definition copies of all the pictures are available on the site or if you contact me.

I photographed the first Eisteddfod in 2004 with the assistance of my wife and a simple digital camera. For 2005 I broke in a new camera and discovered I could no longer do hand held telephoto shots with high quality. In 2006 my lady received her own memorial in the Eisteddfod program and I used a tripod for better quality.

The rebuilding of the web site is in her honor and that of others in my life who have been associated with Edwardsville and the Eisteddfod.

Mary Louise Thomas Evans
My wife of forty one years who passed on to her reward in October 2005. She was a most gracious and cheerful companion in spite of numerous health problems over those years. She was dearly loved by her daughters, her friends and her husband. Without her support this site would not exist.
William V. Evans
My father. An Edwardsville native who participated in the Eisteddfod while I was a child. He, his close friends and their wives formed a double quartet and competed around 1950. He and those friends have all joined those memorialized in this event. Sparky Sharok, Dai Morgan, Eddie Yudiski and Cope Evans have all passed on but represent how the Welsh have included the entire community into this cultural tradition.
George Thomas
My wife's father. George was born an orphan whose father was killed in a mine accident before his birth. He was raised in Edwardsville and the Dr. Edwards Memorial Congregational Church. His closest friends were from this community.

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